Why We Love Inspirational Jewelry


I love making inspirational pieces for my customers. It’s one of the reasons I started this business in the first place – I wanted to make things for my girls to remind them of how special they are. And it’s a trend that’s taken off in recent years – bracelets, necklaces and rings with quotes and words of inspiration. By why is inspirational jewelry so popular?


The news these days can be pretty rough to hear: riots, hate, elections (UGH) and other terrible things that seem to happen on a daily basis.

I think we all are looking for positivity in our lives. We all need to be lifted up – our spirits are hurting. So…we post motivational quotes on Instagram and Facebook;

So easy to forget this, but so important to remember. Happy Monday! #motivation #inspiration #monday

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…and we share stories of people doing good in the world, or kids being kind to one another.

Inspirational jewelry is an extension of this need for positivity. You can choose a quote that means something special to you, and you can wear it everyday. Whenever  you need a lift, it’s there! And you can share that message easily with others – show your friend your bracelet, or send a necklace to someone who needs to hear some happy words.


Jewelry is always personal – just like the clothes we wear, the pieces of jewelry we choose help show the world who we are. And inspirational jewelry takes that narrative even further. It tells our story in an even more intimate way, and reminds us of the journey that we are taking.

The best part of inspirational jewelry just how personal it is. Whether it is pre-made or hand stamped just for you, that quote or word is yours and speaks directly to the person you are.

Comment below and let me know – do you wear inspirational jewelry? Why or why not?

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