Food Free Treats for School Birthday Celebrations

Non Food Birthday Treats for school birthday celebrations

My middle daughter is turning NINE soon….her last single-digit year. It kills me, really – she’s my baby girl!

And if she’s nine, that means I’m so much older than I think I am. 

So her school decided this year that the kids can no longer bring in edible treats for their birthdays. For reals. I sort of get it – 25 kids in a class, that’s about 2.5 cupcakes per month….uh, I guess that’s a lot? Most of these kids burn those cupcakes off in an hour, but whatever.

Maybe it’s more to do with food allergies, which I can understand. If my child had one, I would freak every time someone brought in something for the class to eat. But still – we were more than happy doing the “prepackaged” thing for birthdays.

My girl was understandably upset – “no treats” to a 9 year old is the equivalent to Patrick Dempsey being written off Grey’s Anatomy (I’m still pissed off at you, Shondra.) I started to scour the internet for ideas on what else she could bring….I’ll save you the search time, there’s not a heck of a lot out there.

With a class size of 23, it could easily cost me $100 to bring in something worthwhile. And suggestions of coming in and reading to the class or having the birthday child wear a special hat are great – for 1st graders. But my girl is a THIRD grader, thank you ver much – and that sort of thing doesn’t play well with her or her peeps.

My best idea was to try to find some DIY craft kit that would appeal to boys and girls, and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Enter Oriental Trading!  I sat with her and we reviewed the hundreds of crafts available. She wanted a fall themed craft, and there were a ton to choose from…we settled on this cute kit:


Just order with enough time  – otherwise you’ll pay more for the shipping than the actual craft kits…don’t ask me how I know that. 😦

At least with a seasonal craft the kids have something that they can enjoy and not just use for a minute and lose like some party store trinket.

Now I can go back to crying over my kid’s baby pictures and singing “Sunrise, Sunset”…


Do you have any great tips for non food treats? Leave them in the comments below.


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