Turn Heads with New Custom Copper Jewelry by Jessie Girl

Turn heads with New Custom Copper Jewelry by Jessie Girl | http://blog.jessiegirljewelry.com

When I first started Jessie Girl Jewelry, I was all about silver. I love silver jewelry, it’s pretty much all I wear, so I gravitated to what I love. Sterling has a certain glow to it, it has a wonderful weight – and it stamps like buttah.


After a while I pined for a bit more color. I started to add some brass and gold-filled pieces to the mix. Oooo, so pretty! (I only use Nugold brass, because it is mixed with a bit of copper and therefore has a warmer color.)


For some reason, I was late to add copper jewelry to my metal offerings. I don’t know why – I mean, copper is gorgeous! I think I shied away from both brass and copper due to the oxidation both metals experience. But once I learned to embrace it, copper was the next obvious offering.


And so I’m pleased to introduce some new copper pieces to the Jessie Girl Jewelry collection! We’ve found thick copper to make custom cuffs – in both the skinny 1/4″ and thicker 1/2″ widths. The rosey color of copper is stunning and is a great way to add to a stack of bracelets that you can wear together.

Not only is copper jewelry beautiful to wear, but it may have some health benefits as well. Copper bracelets have been commonly worn to help combat joint stiffness and pain, as it is said to provide some anti-inflammatory properties.


You can choose from custom pieces or get one of our popular Confidence Cuffs in copper as well. Have fun!

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