You Can Do Anything…{Free Download}


As a kid, my mom used to tell me that I could do anything I put my mind to doing. I took her advice to heart and got to work. I held three jobs as a senior in high school, worked for 16 years to get my bachelor’s degree and started several businesses while raising three small kids.

There was one thing I learned along the way – yes, I could do anything….but not everything. When I tried to do too much at once, the overwhelm was intense. That’s one of the reasons why it took me 16 years to finish that degree – there were times when I just couldn’t take more than one class because of work or other commitments.

you can be anything but not everything
You can be anything, but not everything free download


And through the course of starting several businesses I learned that I needed to focus on one path that I enjoyed the most and truly give it my all, instead of trying to do two or three things at once.

Don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you’re trying to do it all and not succeeding. Take the time to figure out what your passions are and what truly fills your heart. Follow that path, and leave the rest behind – you will be your best self and will feel accomplished and complete!

I hope this quote speaks to you in whatever phase of your life  you are in at the moment. Please download the desktop version to give yourself a little extra dose of inspiration!


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