Gifts for Super Busy Moms – 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for Super Busy Moms – 2016 Jessie Girl Jewelry Gift Guide

Welcome to the Jessie Girl Jewelry 2016 Holiday Gift Guide! I’ll be sharing lots of great ideas for everyone on your list in an effort to make your holidays as fun and stress-free as possible.

Today we’re talking about those moms – the ones with a bunch of kids! Since I’m one of “those” moms, I thought this would be a good place to start. No one was paid to be a part of this gift guide, its simply a collection of my favorite things (what up, Oprah?).

  1. An Awesome Daily Planner

I know there’s a bunch of moms out there that love to have a physical planner in their purse, and this one gets the job done. Lots of space to write in all the kids’ activities (it has separate spaces for up to 4 kids). It also includes spaces to plan meals and keep checklists for parties and holidays. Desktop planner by – $32.25


2. A stylish and functional laptop bag3859257_fpx-tif

A lot of moms have more than just “mom-ing” going on, and she needs to have her laptop or tablet with her while she’s running the kids around. I’m in love with the gorgeous colors of this McKlein Lake Forest Briefcase. And it has tons of pockets to hold everything she needs. This one is on sale at for $134.99


3. New Makeup Brushes


I cannot remember the last time I washed my makeup brushes, let alone shopped for new ones. Its just one of those things we moms don’t have time to think about. So, set her up with this all-encompassing new set of brushes and she’ll be set (maybe throw in the brush washing soap too, just in case). Sephora tools of the trade brush set – $62.99


4. Mother’s Necklace


Mom’s love to brag about their kids, and now she can do it with a gorgeous necklace. This handmade sterling silver necklace can fit up to six names – each letter is hand stamped one at a time, and you can choose the font as well! Mother’s Necklace by Jessie Girl Jewelry – starting at $79.99


5. Gorgeous Nail Colors


Oh myyyy – this set is just so pretty! Give her color for miles with this gorgeous nail polish gift set by Julep. #Coveted Nail Color Set – $48


6. A Candle That Smells and Looks Great


A must for any candles in my house -they have to look as great as they smell. These R. Nichols candles deliver on both counts! Christmas Tree Lot, New York, Lake, Treehouse – the scents are complex and original, and the scenes on the candles will brighten any spot in her home. R. Nichols candles – $38 each


7. Help In the Kitchen


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought fresh herbs from the store…and watched them wilt and brown in the little plastic thingie they came in. These ingenious gadgets keep herbs going for a long time, so you can hopefully use them more than once before they die! Herb Savor by Prepara – $29.99 each


8. More Kitchen Help – The Best Pressure Cooker


Get dinner on the table in less than 1/2 the time of traditional cooking? Sold! This pot is not only a pressure cooker, but can also be a slow cooker, rice cooker…it can sauté and make yogurt! Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker on Amazon – $119.95


9. A Smart Watch? 


So I don’t have a smart watch, and up until now I didn’t think I’d ever need one. But this one? Its just so pretty….and it does so many cool things! It’s a touch screen! And a fitness tracker…it notifies you when you have a text, an email, a calendar alert, a Facebook mention…pretty much everything your phone does, but on your wrist. Oh, and it’s voice activated! Putting this one on my own list this year…. Fossil Q Wander Touchscreen Smartwatch – $295 for leather strap

10. Custom Stacking Rings


Another personalized jewelry piece from our shop – these new sterling stacking rings are a fun way to wear the names of those she holds dear. She can stack up to 3 on one finger, and we can fit multiple names on each ring, so she can wear them all close to her heart. Sterling silver stacking rings – $37.99 each

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