Gifts for Guys Who Have It All – 2016 Jessie Girl Jewelry Gift Guide

Businessman opening gift box

Whether it’s because he doesn’t want much, or because he doesn’t need much – we all know that guys are hard to shop for.

I’ve tried to gather a selection of gifts for the guys that seem to have it all.I didn’t get paid in any way to present any of these items, I just thought they were cool and wanted to share them with you.

  1. Rock Star Drinking Glasses

Guitar Glasses from UncommonGoods

These are just cool glasses! Perfect for a pint of beer or any other drink. He’ll definitely look like a rock star. Set of 4 Guitar Glasses, $35.00 UncommonGoods


2.  A cool speaker (to go with the rock star glasses)

Toysmith Rock On! Retro Amp MP3 Mini Speaker

Isn’t this cute? In a manly way, of course. Toysmith Rock On! Retro Amp MP3 Mini Speaker – from $24.99 on


3. Techy Gloves

The North Face Etip Gloves for Men

I really want a pair for myself – I hate having to take my glove off to use my phone. I bet he does too – he just won’t admit it. The North Face Etip Gloves, around $24,


4. A crate of….manly stuff

Man Crates Exotic Meats

I can already here the caveman-ish grunting now – these “Man Crates” come in an actual crate, with an actual crowbar, and are filled with different types of “manly” things, such as this Exotic Meats crate. They also have a whiskey-themed crate, a game night theme, and grill master. Lots of choices for the manly men in your life! Man Crates, starting at around $79.99

5. Personalized guitar pick

Personalized guitar pick with keychain case

Yep, back on the rock star theme! We have several different styles of personalized guitar picks, and they are a customer favorite. Choose from sterling silver ones that you can actually play a guitar with, to thick brass or copper. Some come as keychains, and some come with a case as shown. Get a small quote stamped on it and voila! A meaningful gift that will warm the heart of the hardest rocker dude.  Personalized Guitar Picks, starting at $23.98


6. A nice scarf


A nice scarf is just not something most men will actively go out and buy for themselves. But they will need one at some point in their lives. Hook’em up with a neutral-toned mid-weight scarf that will go with most everything they own. Scarf, $22 by LinenWorld on Etsy.


7. For the Sci-Fi Guy


Isn’t this just fun? One caveat – it does not work for iPhones….yet. Activate light speed! Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable, $19.99, ThinkGeek


8. For the introspective guy


A gorgeous journal for the man who has thoughts that must be written. Made to be saved for a lifetime, leather that gets better with age. It can also be personalized with a monogram. Leather journal, from $68 by Miansai


9. Fun Coasters


Good for a chuckle while hanging out with friends…these handmade coasters feature “mistaken” lyrics for popular songs. Mistaken lyrics coasters, $25, by BrightBeam on Etsy.


10. Something special for his walletPersonalized Wallet Card with Custom Text

One more item from Jessie Girl – a personalized wallet insert is a unique way to make him feel super special. We can stamp any text up to 200 characters on the lightweight aluminum cards. They are the same size as a standard charge card and he can carry it with him wherever he goes. Personalized Wallet Cards by Jessie Girl, starting at $24.99

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