Supporting Autism Awareness Month – Donating to OAR


Wow, March is DONE – where did that month go? Doesn’t it feel like we just celebrated New Years?

So April is upon us, and I’m so excited to announce our first monthly JGJDonates program! A couple of weeks ago I shared our ongoing monthly donation project through the sales of our “Nevertheless, she persisted” bracelets. Now, we are expanding our philanthropic opportunities by choosing a different program each month, I’m calling it JGJDonates.

Through this program we will be donating 5% of our sales to the chosen programs!

Since April is Autism Awareness month, we’ve decided to donate to the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). Our Terri (the stamping Diva) has a friend whose son has Autism, and she inspired this month’s program.

While 5% of ALL our sales will be donated to OAR this month, we also made special puzzle piece keychains that are now available.


We will be donating ALL of the profits from the sale of this specific keychain, in addition to 5% of all our sales from the month of April.  You can purchase one of our “different not less” keychains here: Different Not Less

We hope you’ll take a moment to see all the good things OAR is doing, and we’ll let you know how much we were able to donate at the end of the month.

“Different – not less.”

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